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  1. Nekiyah Fundeburk 27. Januar 2017

    Hello my name is Nekiyah Funderburk and I am from Chesterfield and Lancaster County. I am really interested in knowing more information about the Funderburk Family history.

  2. Steven Funderburk 14. Februar 2017

    hello my name is Steven Funderburk. im from raleigh,nc.

  3. Nina Hopkins Harden 25. Mai 2018

    Hello, my name is Nina Hopkins Harden and I am from Semmes, AL. My great grandparents were Funderburks from around Tupelo, Lee Co, MS. He was James Duncan Eve Funderburk whom is a descendant of Hans Devauld Funderburk.

  4. HF 11. Juni 2018

    Greetings All,

    How strange to think each of us is related by blood, however distant, and that our very existence depended on the good fortune of Hans Devauld Funderburk being rescued from the Atlantic.

    Hans beget a son, Joshua C Funderburk, who left South Carolina for agricultural enterprise during the Alabama Land Rush of 1817, settling in Pickens County. Joshua beget a son, Henry P Funderburk, who beget a son, Leonidas C. Funderburk, who beget a son, Henry Hanly Funderburk, my grandfather. Grandad passed away in 2012, but his entire posterity remains in Alabama. He was immensely proud of our heritage — I have enjoyed learning about the family history through Guy B. Funderburk’s wonderful book on the subject, which Grandad kept in his den. I highly recommend it to all of you.

    Always a pleasure to meet other Funderburks. We have such a narrow origin that it is all but certain we each share common ancestors.


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